Imagine a life-care plan solution which was easy to use, instantly shared the data with experts and cost less than an old fashioned paper based file to keep up to date. That would be good, that would be Reportal®

A Life-care Plan is a documented managed approach to the inspection, maintenance and management of a car park structure, drainage and waterproofing which is normally prepared by the Engineer, or other suitably qualified, experienced and competent professional advisor / organisation working under the supervision of the Engineer. The plan is then agreed with the Owner and Operator and implemented over the entire life of the facility including demolition.

Reportal® Is a fully online version of the old fashioned paper based Life-care Plan.

It includes all the elements of a Life-care plan you need, and none of the elements that would slow you down, make it complicated, make it expensive and make it a chore!

It’s fully designed, developed owned and operated by Stripe Consulting. (Who used to be known as Pyle Car Park Consultants) Experts in car park structures.

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If you require more information on Reportal®, please contact us…

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If you require more information on Reportal®, please contact us…

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A brief history of life-care plans

  • 1997, Pipers Row – Pipers Row Car Park Collapses. It was widely agreed that a proactive method of monitoring the structure would have prevented this.
  • 1998, Institute of Civil Engineers – As a result of Pipers Row, the ICE published a set of recommendations on how to care for care parks, and this includes a Life-care plan.
  • 2002, Institution of Structural Engineers – IStructE’s 3rd edition of their guidelines around car park design calls for a life care plan to be in place.
  • 2011, Institution of Structural Engineers – IStructE’s 4th Edition again calls for Life-care Plans to be in place. Owner / Operators are slow to take up advice and (in our view) this is partly as the process is slow, expensive and old fashioned.


  • 2013, Reportal® V1.0 – The first Web-based life care plan is offered to the market (by us)! It is widely accepted as the best available system and wins the 2013 Digital Award at the British Parking Awards.
  • 2015, Reportal® V2.0 – Re-written from the ground up the system is now fully integrated to be able to be used on an Apple iPad Mini. The system is more ‘risk based’ and enables Structural Engineers to provide real time advice in response to the dynamic elements of the Life-care Plan. Defect tracking on drawings is added as a feature.
  • 2018, Institute of Civil Engineers – ICE publish revised recommendations on how to care for car parks, and this includes the use of online systems such as Reportal® as Life-care plans. Stripe play a major role as Chris Whapples is co-editor and Russell Simmons is a contributing author.


All drawings, reports, inspections, warranty information and any other relevant information (as required) is stored. This means the information is easily accessible and can be shared.

It also means that the engineers can access the information in order to make informed recommendations which are risk based to ensure suitability and value.

You will never have to ‘look through the paperwork’ again. We have even built in a ‘search’ function to speed things up.


Actions provided and updated by the Engineer (from our team of experts) are kept current and relevant.

The Owner / Operator can log in at any time and check what actions are required, the cost associated and the urgency. All actions are provided as professional advice and as such we are fully insured to provide this service.


Owner / Operator led routine inspections and reports are made simple using the built in ‘reporting’ function. The app allows the user to submit the inspection with details of location (shown on a drawing) and a photo of the issue.

This is then automatically saved and shared with the engineer, who will update the actions list accordingly.