Brian Pyle

Brian Pyle is a well-known and respected charted civil and structural engineer with decades of experience. He is well experienced with steel framed and concrete (both in situ cast and pre-formed) design and is able to consult on a wide variety of matters within the structural engineering sphere.

Harry Smith

Harry’s a qualified Mechanical Engineer with over 5 years of working experience made up of development testing, mechanical product design and project managing roles. Harry manages Stripe’s own Life Care Plan service Reportal, assisting our clients with the management and procurement of work to maintain the condition of their car parks and included assets. Relevant […]

Chris Mance

Chris is an experienced draughtsman who joined Stripe in 2018. Chris oversees the production and delivery of CAD within the team and ensures drawings comply with national and local standards. Chris has worked for 6 years in the structural engineering sector and has worked on multiple high-level projects within the rail and aviation industries. Having […]